• Jesse Levin


Updated: Dec 16, 2018

If traumas are the inflamed, subcutaneous wounds that live inside of us, triggers are those events and experiences that poke and pick at them causing a visceral reaction.

We get triggered, these events can be as small as an offhand remark and as large as an affair. It can be a look, smell or sixth sense that throws us into survival mode. One of two things happen: either we have the capacity to love this person unconditionally even though they have triggered us or…. The reptilian part of our brain goes into overdrive, and tells us that we must do one of three things:

Fight: Our subconscious takes over and we become combative in a counter productive fashion because we are reacting from deep seated wounds that are unrecognized and unresolved.

Freeze: We fail to take action, and endure destructive behavior because we are paralyzed, not knowing that we have been triggered and rendered impotent.

Flight: We are out the door at the slightest provocation.

Or, despite being triggered and becoming reactionary, we realize we can continue to love this person unconditionally.

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