• Jesse Levin


Traumas, personal, cultural, and intergenerational, are stored in our psyche, emotions, soul and body, and influence, unconsciously, how we perceive and react to all experiences.

The increased presence of a diminished capacity for intimate, romantic relationships are based on: big T and small T personal trauma; intergenerational trauma; and the family of origins capacity for and style of intimacy.

Big T trauma: A divorce in the family, a parent that is abusive, drug abuse, living in a war zone or some other significant exposure to prolonged traumatic settings or incidents

Small T trauma: Experiencing a deep humiliation in adolescence, being made to feel less than by peers, parents or family members…

Intergenerational trauma: The trauma of preceding generations materially impacts your perceptions and experiences

Family of origins: A families style of and capacity for intimacy will imprint on the individual and affect the patterns of future relationships

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