If you are ready to commit

so are we

For those willing to dedicate all, we are honored and humbled to work to prepare them

BUDs and Beyond was formed and is operated by a former US Marine and world record holder along with a cadre of exceptional military and law enforcement instructors that voluntarily dedicate their time and experiences to the candidate’s. The training and instruction is meant to provide growth both mentally and physically to best prepare the candidates for the harsh realties of the training that lays ahead.

While BUDs and Beyond is an entirely voluntary and unsanctioned program that makes no claims – the success of previous students is marked and measurable and speaks to the edge the program provides to those that commit to it.


Come February 2017 the program will have been quietly in existence for 25 years. Currently there are 11 candidates successfully progressing through the Pipeline and NSW and two prior candidates have just graduated as Ranger Officers. 

Program Focus
  • Physical conditioning to a high degree

  • Situational awareness training

  • Inculcation of leadership and success principals  

  • Stress and emotional and physical duress conditioning

Sharkany, the founder of the program which has been running for 25 years, and a former US Marine , was passionate about fitness since elementary school.


He has set school gym records in push ups since he was in the fourth grade 


Corp. Sharkany established the 1st ever , Worldwide 24 hour Pull up record ( heavy weight class ), completing 2, 101 pull ups at 214 lbs.


He also held the two finger pull up record at 148 in one hour at 225 1/2 lbs.


He has completed several pull up challenges for charity to include a 8 hr. charity event completing 1, 974  pull ups at 230 lbs.